A Fresh Start

If you've seen my blog before or, perhaps you've gone looking for it to no avail recently, you know one thing: I haven't been very good about keeping up with it lately.

Diamond Head from American Airlines flight 8, Honolulu-Dallas/Fort Worth, July 2017

Call it a New Year's resolution, call it a desire to just get things going again, call it a desire to be better about getting myself back out in front of potential and current clients again, call it what you will. But let's certainly call this a fresh start.

So we're beginning with a new year, a new blog, and new, well, just abut new everything. That includes an outlook on business (and shifting concentrations of it away from some things I once deemed utterly, unfailingly important), new clients I've been working with over the past year or two that I'm eager to talk about, and new gear with a shift to Sony's Alpha-line mirrorless system in the coming months. Can't wait to talk about that, either--and trust me, you'll be hearing plenty about it.

Of course I still have my main portfolio site, darrencarroll.com, where you can find a more curated and organized display of my work, but I'd like to treat this space as an opportunity to showcase projects, to dig a little deeper into assignments and some behind the scenes aspects of them, talk about equipment when the gear-head muse strikes me, and just generally keep my current work in the foreground in a more informal setting than a portfolio website.

So watch this space, bookmark it, come back often. feel free to comment and ask questions and I'll do my best to answer them. But most of all, thanks for looking. I'm looking forward to getting back to this.